Eat right


Eating more healthily is one of the simplest changes most of us can make to improve out health and lose weight.  But knowing what to change and how can seem a bit daunting.

What food is good for you and what’s not? Is it possible to make a healthy meal that tastes great? Can it be done quickly? Can it be done on a budget?  And what if you’ve not got the skills or kitchen utensils of your average Michelin starred chef?

All of these questions mean that many of us trade healthy eating for more convenience or lower cost alternatives, even if they’re not good for us.

This JanUary, we've pulled together advice and recipes to show that healthy food can be simple. It can be convenient. It can be cheap. It can even be fun and child friendly.

All you need is sound nutrition advice and tips of the trade from leaning nutrition experts and chefs.

We are asking the UK to join us in a national New Year’s resolution to help improve the nation’s health. Whether it’s cooking more healthily, avoiding snacks, or being a little more physically active, join in and make your healthy New Year’s resolution now!