Make your resolution

We’re asking everyone to join us this JanUary in making a healthy New Year’s Resolution. It’s not about making some enormous commitment you’ll struggle to stick to. It’s about the small changes you and your family can make that’ll help you be that bit healthier. And for government and businesses, it’s about facilitating and supporting those changes.

So join in and make your healthy New Year’s Resolution via the form below!

Alternatively, use our New Year's Resolution pledge card to let the rest of the country know how you've pledged to do something good for U. Share via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, making sure to use the hashtag #dosomethinggoodforU to encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Whether it’s cooking more healthily, avoiding snacks, and being a little more physically active, we’ve got information and advice that’ll help. And we’d love to help and encourage you to stick to you resolution and celebrate your success.


Please note: resolutions will be reviewed and posted below.


  • To do some mindfulness meditation every day, whether it is mindful eating or mindful moving.


  • Implement lifestyle measures into my daily routine. Make small healthy lifestyle changes that will be beneficial in the long run.


  • Support each other in work by bringing in healthy lunches and to walk twice a week during our lunch break!

    Alison and Georgia

  • be more healthy by increasing exercise, reducing alcohol intake, reducing sugary snacks and losing weight.

    Sophie Jones

  • My resolution to move more and eat less processed food.

    Ria George

  • Eat more food. Eat more protein to put more muscle mass on and not fat. Eat more fruit.

    Morgan Brown

  • Reach below 8% body fat by end of February. Maintain diet and training programmes.


  • Ensure that i keep up with my rugby coaching and training with the Shepshed senior team to make sure that i keep my fitness at a high level. Keep to a balanced diet to ensure correct body development.

    Kane Cooper

  • consume less sugar and fat in my diet i can do this by cutting down on fizzy drinks and chocolate. for example i could try drinking 5 bottles of coke a week rather than 10.


  • Eat less carbohydrates and don't drink as many fizzy drinks. I would also like to exercise more by riding more often.

    Beth Matthews

  • I will eat less and move more

    Karen Dudley

  • I would like to become active in 2016 and follow a healthy eating plan. My goal for 2016 is to lose over 3 stone.

    Claire Garbutt

  • I pledge to increase the amount of vegetables I eat, cut out refined sugars, and get back to the gym!!

    Rebecca Garrett

  • I am going to do more exercise to ensure I become more fitter and lose weight.

    Simon Hamilton

  • Uphall Primary School resolution is to get children into cycling or scoot to school everyday and have a healthier lifestyle.

    Uphall Primary School

  • I will do muscle strengthening exercises for my legs to reduce the strain on my knees.

    Janice Howe

  • To get my body more toned up and more healthy by going to the gym and eating more healthy and changing my diet.

    Sarah Trent

  • To get more toned and to look after myself more by making my diet more healthy and keeping myself hydrated


  • To walk to as many places as possible rather than driving.

    Steph Wellsted

  • I will cycle to work at least 2 x a week

    anna aurrows

  • To be more active and healthier


  • To be healthier, move more and lose weight.

    Sharon Evans

  • I would like to lose 30kg and trying to keep on exercise

    andrew roper

  • Some sort of keep fit, yoga, line dancing.

    pauline j walker

  • To cut down on food waste particularly fruit and vegetables; plan to make soups with older fruit and veg. Also, to complete Dry January

    Chloe Miles

  • As by far the largest person in my 20-strong team at work, I resolve to lead my team into a healthier 2016 by planning weekly activities and events around being more active and eating healthier. I resolve to be a role model and inspire other people to follow me. I resolve to leave 2016 with a considerable weight loss and a more active lifestyle.

    Penny thompson

  • I pledge to walk 70,000 steps every week (an average of 10,000 every day).

    Madeleine Hawkes

  • I pledge to go back to regular yoga practice this year.. Yoga is for all levels of ability therefore everyone can practice. It brings me joy, relax and really put a smile on my face so don't know why managed to do so little of it last year .. The other resolution is to drink more water.. In my busy life very often I might have 4-5 coffee cups during all day, not feeling thirst at all and suffering with headaches at the end of a day.. bring it on 2016!! Healthier and happier 2016!!

    Magdalena Kot

  • To make healthier snack choices; rather than reaching for the crisps or chocolate I will have a piece of fruit instead.


  • Need to cut down my portions, as I am diabetic (on insulin) physical activity and portion is important; I struggle to keep my resolutions either because i get bored and I don't have anyone to lean on . I would like to lose at least 10 kg, I am at the moment 78kg, since I have been working for Dorset Healhcare I give up on sugar which for me is a big deal. I need a bit of support to just keep me active

    Susana Baker

  • To give up 3 lattes per week, to maintain my current fitness regime for 6 months and to stop eating unhealthy snacks...


  • My resolution is to be more active and use the car less I gave up wine in October and have only had a couple of glasses over Christmas, I plan to continue with this in the future

    Lisa Crossley

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day - no matter what it is, just move more for 30 minutes a day.

    Sandra Kalyan

  • To cut down on quantities, drastically reduce sweet foods, eat healthier meals and attend the gym on a regular basis

    Margaret Cleave

  • Be more physically active and use the Gym Eat healthier and plan more Loose Weight (3-4 Stone in 2016)

    Ian Saxby

  • To exercise at least 3 times a week and cut down on junk food!


  • to lose 3 stone

    Toni-Marie Muir

  • I will stick to below the WHO recommended 7 teaspoons of sugar a day (20g) and do at least 15 minutes of exercise every day.

    Stephanie Barker

  • We will eat no more than 2 meals a week outside of the home. We will not eat cake for at least a month. The extra weight has to go.

    Janet Ashenden

  • To run 5km twice a week with my friends and their dogs after lapsing over Christmas. And to get some AMAZING MEND groups running across Tayside for 2016 to help families get fitter, happier and healthier!

    Emma Goodfellow

  • 1. Keep going to the gym 2-3 days per week - but aim to exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes on the days I don't. 2. Minimise my beloved lattes to twice (three is it's a really bad week) a week at work. When I do have them, ask for skim milk.

    Jen McGahey

  • To lose a stone in weight by May and feel fitter.


  • 3x a day Dr. Kareems 5min bursts.


  • To have a meal everyday instead of snacking

    bev stevens

  • I want to have a more balanced diet and live a more healthy lifestyle. I want to cut out all the junk food and eat healthy foods and rink far more water instead of tea or fizzy drinks. I also want to become far more active and have set a goal of losing 2 stone this year.

    Richard Jones

  • I aim to lose 1 stone by April 2016 for my daughter's wedding. I will aim to eat more vegetables and increase my exercise

    Kathy Joyce

  • I want to increase my activity levels gradually and eat healthier during 2016.

    Jacky Bowers

  • I will eat 7 portions of fruit/veg daily

    Michael Crossley

  • I will not skip any cardio workouts for the whole of January and I'll reduce the amount of sugar I eat each day.


  • To lose weight at a healthy speed and to become healthy with doing different exercise


  • Get out and go for a walk EVERY lunch time to get away from the office and move about

    Sarah Ryan

  • One more piece of fruit a day and bring physical activity back into my life after a 2 year break!


  • Move more, Eat better by staying away from anything in a packet/wrapper, to eat and enjoy food in its natural state.

    Hayley Rippin

  • I pledge to get in the dress my husband bought me 2 years ago which fitted when he bought it but doesn't now. I will wear it in June for my 30th!!! I need to drop two dress sizes..


  • I want to eat more healthily and start exercising. I am going to use the recipe ideas on this website to help !


  • I will be taking part in the January Dryathlon, donating what I would have spent on wine in the month to Cancer Research UK. I will be doing a weekly Pilates class (already signed up),will be starting my walking training for the 2016 London Moonwalk (already signed up for the Marathon walk mid-May) and generally being as active as I can at any given opportunity. Foodwise, I will be aiming to control portion sizes and to cook more healthy options from scratch!


  • My lifestyle changes are to go sugar free; complete Fitbit goals; medidate; make a 'to do' list / read before bed; get at least 7 hours sleep and complete a grateful journal.


  • to execise more and eat healthier

    linda bousfield

  • Weight loss and healthy eating

    Susan hindson

  • I need to change my ways I ear so much junk so new year new star and get my self back on it with healthy food and lots of walks

    Suzanne dighton

  • I pledge to set myself small realistic targets with my weight loss; to enjoy food more by planning and preparing balanced meals and snacks instead of high processed and/or sugary food; plan my exercise around the rest of my life to ensure I can squeeze in something every day, even on my 12 hour shift days!

    Kate Walsh

  • I promise myself to fill 50% of each place with either fruit or veg at each meal in January


  • to not it junk food every day join a gym go at least 2/3 times a week


  • I pledge to start to exercise for at least 30 minutes three times every week.


  • Not to have an achoholic drink in janaury

    Andrew burton

  • Drink less and do more exercise

    Lorraine Dudsbury

  • I resolve to eat whole, unprocessed food for at least the whole of January with a view to continuing the whole year!

    Sam Hagan

  • To increase physical activity to 10,000 steps per day and aim to achieve one class and one swim per week. To eat healthily, in particular being aware of and cutting down my free sugar intake to the newly recommended 5% of total intake

    Helen Reed

  • To loose some weight

    Tracey Bailey

  • Stop eating chocolate (all kinds) To run one day in the weekend come rain or shine to prepare for Cardiff's March half marathon


  • lose my aprin

    Sharon lane

  • My resolution is to cut down on junk food and eat healthier. To get off my bum in the evening when I get in from work and go for a walk or do a workout DVD.


  • Stop binge drinking alcohol every weekend... Eat more healthy foods... Train regulary and aim to get back in to a good shape.


  • To exercise (swim/fast walk/run or workout dvd) three times every week


  • My aim for 2015 is to lose about 3 stone, and to stop snacking, and move more.


  • To increase my physical activity every day.

    Nalini Guness

  • Go to Zumba classes regularity and include vegetable juices into my diet.

    Chaitanya Bharat

  • Lose 3 stone in 2015 through diet and exercise.

    Cath Pendleton

  • To improve my work/life balance to make time for physical activity - need to get fitter!


  • To eat less processed food and complete my first triathlon.

    Nicki Nutter

  • To eat more fruit and veg. To start dancing on my wii.

    Kelsea Feeney

  • To exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day.

    Phyllis Street

  • My new years resolution is to do 30 minutes or exercise 5 times a week and to eat paleolithically to support my health.

    Rachel Staniforth

  • To eat less & excercise more.

    Rhian Thomas

  • I will laugh more and walk to and from work as often as possible.


  • To commit to at least three workouts of an hour or more a week. To reduce the amount of sugar I consume through food and drink.

    Leanne Bates

  • To learn how to use food to be healthy and eat right.


  • To be positive about making the right choices of food/drink. To stop being a couch potato and get walking or take up cycling.


  • My pledge is to eat healthier snacks, drink less alcohol and go to the gym at least three times a week.

    Pauline Graves

  • To lose 10% of my body weight this year.

    Annabel Aitalegbe

  • I am going to take part in the Engadin Crosscountry ski marathon in March. It is my first time XC skiing and have taken up rollerskiing to improve my fitness and will go training twice a week to improve technique and stamina. I will run uphill for a mile three times a week to work towards my hill fitness. I hate running!

    Alison Mckinlay

  • FIT FOR 40 - I will be 40 years old in May this year and i intend to be fitter and healthier than i am now. I will achieve this goal by eating clean and exercising at least 3 times a week.

    Angela Sheehy

  • Do more exercise even if its only walking round the block each night, try and eat more healthily, more home cooked food, eat less junk foods & avoid alcohol.


  • I don't want to call it a resolution I prefer calling it a lifestyle change as I want to keep it up. To control my portions as I have a problem with that hence I gain weight, to be more positive and eat to live, eat as little and healthy as possible enough to nurture myself. Also to avoid processed Sugars and high carbohydrates. I workout during the week from 4-5 times, with a combination of Swimming, high intensity aerobics and strength training. If my local borough had Bikram yoga I would be eager to join.

    Amina Naqvi

  • I will improve and make more healthy choices in my life's and my family.

    Bada Oluwafemi Aranju

  • My resolution is to join the gym and work out 3 times a week!

    Cathy Dean

  • I am committed to choosing to eat heathy, balanced meals, and 30 minutes exercise every day. I am committed to losing weight, with a target of a pound a week.

    Helena Horwath

  • Get fitter and lose weight.

    Rhian Pitman

  • To complete a triathlon.

    Richard Miller

  • My resolution is to stop drinking fizzy drinks and eating fatty foods, and start eating healthy fruits and salads for example: eating my 5 a day and drinking healthy drinks such as water. I never drink water I'm always drinking energy drinks or coke. All I ever eat is donuts, sweets etc, I never eat fruit, salad or vegetables. I reckon this will last!! These things would give me a 1 in 9 chance of being obese, these healthy foods and drinks will make me become fit and healthy definitely.

    Phoebe Smith

  • To loose some weight and to eat less junk food.

    Luke Simkins

  • Less nandos!

    Kieran Whichelow

  • I will start eating less unhealthy products and start eating more healthy products like apples, pineapples and orange's to keep me energized and healthy.

    Jonathan Baker

  • To get in to first team rugby for ABRFC

    James Shaw

  • My resolution is to aim to drink 8 glasses a day of water and to stop drinking fizzy drinks. Also I am going to eat more healthy things such as eating 5 fruits and vegetable a day instead of sweets and fatty foods.

    Izabel Clifford

  • To do more sports, go to the GYM and eat healthy foods.

    Harry Harman

  • More exercise and eating less KFC.

    Daniel McKean

  • Not to eat chocolate and do more sports and eat less.

    Ben Rowland

  • Go to the gym more (3 hours a week) and overall lose weight.


  • I am going to walk up and down the five flights of stairs at work (80 steps) three times a day (morning break, lunch, afternoon break). I work on the ground floor.

    Tracy Abegg

  • To undertake a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise each week.


  • To increase the amount of exercise I do and to eat more healthily. Hopefully that way I can lose the 2 stone I want to get rid of.

    Debbie Hunter

  • To ensure I eat much more healthier which will enable me to lose the weight i put on following my surgery. I want to lose at least a stone, possibly 2. I also want to use my exercise bike (that I got for xmas) regularly to increase and improve my physical activity which will assist my weight loss and also strengthen my muscles.

    Lesley Smith-Payne

  • I will drink 8 glasses of water everyday for the next year!!

    Leonie McCathie

  • To eat more healthily and walk every day, and keep up with regular exercise at least 3 times per week....less sugar, trimmer portions, more water...!


  • I will have a healthy dinner party for my three friends who are changing their eating habits this January. Just to prove that it can be fun and delicious to indulge in what is good for you.

    Marg Mayne

  • To follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, and to lose a lot of weight! as putting on so much weight!

    Rashna Begum

  • To eat a balanced diet and exercise more to lose weight and have more energy.

    Mandy Walker

  • My new years Resolution is to continue to follow a healthy balanced diet as well as introduce more exercise into my daily regime. As well as share nutritional advice and encourage more physical activity within the community. My aim is to start a weekly gathering of families and friends to put down all our electronic devices and get out and involved in physical activities.

    Rhiannon Trinder

  • To loose a stone by July.


  • Stick to slimming world plan.

    Sue Marlow

  • I will walk more Inc from work to home and at weekends, I will get better at doing more exercise, I will eat better, I will drink more water, I will become healthier and lose weight AND stick to it. I will make 2015 my year to do this without fail.


  • I am going to be more active, I will go to the gym at least twice a week EVERY week, I will only have takeaway once a fortnight and I will minimise my snacks/treats/chocolate to once a week.

    Luke Walker

  • I'm decided to lose weight by eating less but drinking more water, practice sport at least half an hour per day. Being serious,by following a vegan diet.

    Nair reda

  • To eat less added sugar and swap sugary foods for healthier alternatives.

    Kemi Owoeye

  • I'm going to push myself to do more exercise each week and ditch the unhealthy snacking.

    Jenny Cattle

  • Lose 10lbs to reach my slimmimg world target in 2015 and stay at that weight.

    Jeanne Province

  • I pledge to take 30 minutes of moderate exercise as a minimum for five days out of every week in 2015. I pledge to encourage at least 5 of my friends to do the same.

    Jackie Southam

  • I will eat more organic fruit and vegetables and have 3 veggie meals a week.


  • Stick to plan, and make healthier choices when things change from the plan.

    Denise Storey

  • To take more excercie and eat more home cook meals from scratch.


  • I will only have one biscuit with each cup of tea, to get my cholesterol down and at the end of the month, buy a bar of ethical dark chocolate with biscuit money saved, to share my good fortune with a cocoa farmer somewhere and share the bar with a friend.

    Denise Ashurst

  • To exercise at least 3 times a week.


  • To stop eating my body weight in rubbish and sugar every day.

    Catherine Dowling

  • Lose 1lb a week until i get to normal weight.

    Bryoni Barbosa

  • Take a 30 minute walk with children at least once a week and cut down junk food.

    Aleksandra Armoniene

  • Put down the chocolate and step away from the rubbish food.

    Vicky Fearnehough

  • To get lean and mean so I can do a half marathon this year!

    Maria Eichholzer

  • To lose my last stone 9 lost so far, drink more water & walk more and not use lift at work.


  • To become healthier, fitter and lose those extra pounds!

    Nerys Hird

  • To continue with my two classes a week and stick to clean eating!

    Lisa Jowitt

  • In 2015 I will: Move more, eat less, make more, buy less, laugh more, stress less, do more & worry less!

    Barbara Wignall

  • to eat less sugary foods and exercise more

    Simon Young

  • To make sure I get my 150 minutes worth of exercise every week!

    Natasha Graham

  • I would like to eat healthier and take more regular exercise.

    Michelle Thurman

  • Increase my physical activity and avoid all bad food and drink

    Margaret Walker

  • To eat clean and healthy meals, cook more from scratch & join a volleyball club.

    Karen shilton

  • I resolve to being a good role model to my daughter, by eating sensibly to lose weight and taking regular and varied exercise, all with enthusiasm.


  • To cook from scratch as much as possible fresh unprocessed food

    Helen Barness

  • I resolve to increase the number of "dry days" per month to 12 (from 10 - 2014 resolution met 100% ) and to make sure that I have at least 3 x 2days alcohol free to set up better habits. And .. NOT to make up for the abstinence on the "non dry days" :) This is easier than a dry January AND counts for more days overall. 120 in 2014!

    Heather Powell

  • I want to do Body Magic at least Twice a week to get fitter for life.


  • I resolve to lose at least four stone by eating more healthily and doing more exercise. And at the same time to try to get my kids to eat more healthily and do more exercise.

    Deborah Gregory

  • Contin. with weight loss. I would also like to help others!!


  • To lose 9lbs by March 29th so i'm in racing shape for my first sprint triathlon of the season. I hope to do this by reducing portions sizes, and not eating calorific desserts after my evening meal.

    Andrew Harris

  • I pledge to do at least 1.5 hours in the gym each day this week (regardless of the weather!)

    Sonia Ghatt

  • To eat more healthy and join a gym


  • To improve my eating habits and increase my physical activity


  • To cut down on the unhealthy foods I eat. To cut down on the amount of alcohol I consume.


  • To get to the gym at least four times a week.


  • To get my 150mins of physical activity!

    Simone Beedle

  • Educate people how to eat their way out of obesity crisis.

    Sanjay kumar

  • I want to run 10k's

    Sam Buwalda

  • To lose 10% weight by 6th February 2015, continue tennis, circuit training and walking regularly

    Roger Gransden

  • From today I am making a promise to myself to be the fittest, healthiest person I can be!

    Millicent Hale

  • To abstain from alcohol during January 2015

    Madeline Corr

  • To eat less and do more. I cook from scratch and rarely, I do mean rarely eat processed or takeaway food. I need to lose at least 6 stone and I know to do this I need to have less on my plate and recognise when I am full... honestly easier said than done. I also need to exercise, again easier said than done but in 2015 I'll give it my best shot.

    Kris Lear

  • My New Years resolution is to go to the gym twice a week, eat smaller portions and eat more fruit.

    Lizzie Schofield

  • Do more walking & eat less sugary food

    Julie Ebden

  • I will go for a walk for at least 20 minutes each lunch time

    Julie Crabtree

  • Drink water and less caffeine

    Helen Woolley

  • To reduce the amount of fat and sugar in my diet To exercise at least 5 times a week

    Heather McKendrick

  • Continue crossfit in the garden, and stop eating rubbish!

    Cavan Kendall

  • Eat a healthy balanced breakfast everyday

    aneela mcavoy

  • Do not snack!

    Joanna Matejko

  • To go to the gym 3 times a week.

    Claire Smith